Parlor Floor Decision

Not surprising, we have decided to go with option number 2, with some modifications to the original design.  We are going to push the kitchen toward the back of the house where it can get the maximum amount of light.  As with most homes, the kitchen will be the heart of it and we want it to be as pleasant as possible because we know we will spend most evenings cooking and doing homework there.  I can picture a nice comfy chair by the fireplace where I can read on cold snowy nights.  In reality, I will rarely get enough peace and quiet to do that but a girl can dream, can’t she?

For the living and dining room area, we decided to forgo the china closet for an open archway so the space won’t feel so closed in and dark when you come up from the stairs.  As much as this was a nifty idea, we don’t really have any china to put in there anyway—but feel free to steal this idea for your own renovation.  We would also prefer the powder room door to face the stairs instead of into the kitchen if this is structurally feasible.

Our next design decision will be deciding on back doors and windows.  It is harder than you think.


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