Well almost.  It is never that easy with the DOB.

While our plans were approved and stamped, the plan examiner would not enter the approval in the computer system until we increased the cost of construction listed on our plans to a much higher amount thereby having to pay additional fees to the DOB.

According to our expeditor the following is our next course of action:

1. We increase the listed cost of construction and pay the additional fee.
2. Hire a contractor registered to perform Alteration Type 1 work.
3. Hire a company to perform the special inspections (this was new to us).
4. After we hire the contractor and inspection company, our expeditor will prepare forms to  submit to the DOB and obtain a work permit for the general construction and structural work.

Why isn’t anything easy with home renovation?  We are still in the process of bidding out the project to contractors.  We are down to two choices and most like it will come down to price.  We are back to picking out design elements and fixtures like sinks and toilets.  While it was once the fun part, now the reality has set in that we are going to actually have to pay for these items, our expensive tastes are getting a rude awakening.


4 thoughts on “Approved!!!

  1. ah, yes. the money question. good job hanging in there and talking through it all. We hope to come see your finished product some day……….it will be beautiful! (p.s. I wrote a post for Aaron’s birthday–it’s on my blog link if you’re so inclined.)

  2. Congrats guys! We’ve been following your progress on the DOB site (we are doing something similar not too far from you and we are about a month behind you in the process). Looking forward to see what you guys are doing.

  3. @brownstoningit hopefully you can learn from our mistakes–we have made a lot. Feel free to email us with questions. How did you find our blog from the DOB website?

  4. A note about the special inspections – the team you hired to prepare the drawings (architectural, plumbing, mechanical, structural etc), they can also perform and sign off these inspections as required by the DOB. Why not use the same people who prepared the drawings to sign off in the end, make them responsible for the designs and ideas they came up with? It might not cost you more money to have your own team sign off, at least in my experience anyway.

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