History Uncovered

One of the things that keep us going throughout this process is the fact that our house is a little bit of history.  There are many days when I rant and rave about our decision to purchase an old house but something always happens to bring me be back from the brink.

We recently uncovered some pieces of old newspapers dating back to 1919.  Hard to believe that the Daily News has been around that long.  I hope we find some covers because if they are funny now just think what they were back then.  The early part of the 20th century was a simpler time when you could get your beauty questions answer by mail, men were either rich or poor and murderous behavior was referred to as running amuck.

When we first started this project we leaned more toward a modern design but as time has passed we find ourselves drawn toward preserving and uncovering original details–at least on the parlor floor.  We have even been considering putting in an old- timey toilet in the power room.  However, as we discovered when we took a trip our to Demolition Depot, old-timey stuff is way more expensive than new stuff.

Can’t wait to see what else we find when demolition gets underway in the next week (I hope).

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