Appetite for Destruction: Demolition Begins

Nothing makes our hearts beat faster than the thought of work actually getting started (this is what renovation does to your idea of romantic).  That day finally arrived yesterday as some of the first floor walls were knocked down.

Over the last several months this project has become our baby.  So much so that we have been thinking about installing a nanny-cam just so we can watch its progress from work–make sure it is being treated well.

Now we go back to thinking about the actual design of things like kitchens and bathrooms.  We also need to pick out new doors, windows and floors for those that will be replaced.

This wall separated the old kitchen and dining room on the garden floor. We removed the moldings prior to demolition with hopes we can put them to use later.

Goodbye wall.

This built in cabinet was on the dining room side of the wall and it’s gone now. We have a twinge of regret that we couldn’t figure out how to save this somehow.

Old kitchen before.

And after demolition. The wall in the rear of the building (marked with orange Xs) will be removed in the coming weeks.


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