House of Doors

More accurately, an extension made of doors.  The demolition crew recently started taking down the ramshackle original extension on the back of the house.  They removed the old veneer wood paneling inside to discover that underneath there was no wood framing.  Just doors.

From what we can gather, they collected old door paneling, some even with glass panes, to construct the core of the extension and then covered it on the outside with siding and on the inside with thin paneling.  No insulation.  No drywall.  We would not have been surprised if it had been duct taped together.

What is even more extraordinary about this construction is that it is two floors.  We theorize that cousin Vinnie came over one day and said I have some extra doors that I don’t know what to do with, and I’d hate to throw them out.  I know, let’s add two rooms to your home.

The second floor of the old extension housed a bathroom with a very heavy cast iron tub.  We marvel that it stayed intact for such a long time.  It might also explain the termite damage that was located under the floor near the extension that was found when we had the home inspected prior to purchasing it.  Who knows where those doors came from.  It certainly makes us glad we decided to replace that extension.  It also brings into perspective that building codes, as annoying as they are, are a good thing.


3 thoughts on “House of Doors

  1. We have a whole pile in the basement already. Since there was evidence of old termite damage in the floor joists near the extension–we don’t want any of that wood. Even if we are not using it we will save anything worth saving and donate it to Build it Green ( non-profit that sells recycled materials).

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