Hurricane Sandy

Of course there is a hurricane at the exact moment that the demolition crew has completely opened up the back of the house!

Since the house is not in a flood zone, we weren’t worried about the coastal surges but we were very concerned about excessive rain and wind.

The crew had put a tarp over the debris in the back yard and the openings to the back of the house were boarded up but there were lots of gaps.  The four foot pit test (a giant hole leading into our basement) was our main concern but there was so much debris on top we thought it would block most of the rain.  We added an additional tarp to direct the rain away from the house.

The day after the storm we headed over to have a look.  The tarp had blown off of the debris but the house was dry and the basement had a few damp areas but otherwise unscathed.

We feel very fortunate.   Our apartment is on the edge of Zone A and we had no damage and did not lose power.  So we are going to count our blessings today–and save the renovation gripes for another day.


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