We’re In!

We moved half our apartment into the garden floor of the house last weekend. They worked hard finishing all the moldings and painting the bedrooms.  Even though we only had one working toilet and no kitchen, sinks, or working showers, we were happy to be there and not paying rent anymore.  The A/C in our rental apartment broke in the middle of the heatwave so to sleep in our nice cool bedrooms with our new split A/C system (which is awesomely quiet and cool) in our own house felt pretty good.

The shower in the rental unit did work after we cleaned months of construction grime off of the tub but it only provided at the temperature of unheated New York City tap water, aka freezing cold.  Only one of us was brave enough to shower in it (not me).  Since we were only half moved in and still paying for our old apartment we went over there to shower even though we would be hot and sweaty all over again by the time we got back.

The plumber was scheduled to come every day last week and had not shown up as of the day we left for a week’s vacation visiting family up north.  The only dedicated worker we have is the foreman, who has been doing all our moldings.  To compound our frustration, the electrician has been too busy to finish up the things that we need in order to go forward with finishing sealing up the brick in the back of the building.  If it wasn’t for our foreman actually doing work everyday, we’d be losing our minds.

Toward the end of our week off (it is more a week off the house rather than work) the project manager sent us a photo of the plumber working.  There is hope for warm running water and a sink!  But we home renovators know there is a reason hope was in Pandora’s box.

The finished bedrooms:

front bedroom

front bedroom in a distorted panorama shot.

Master pan finished

Master bedroom (all nice clean, new and white)


1 thought on “We’re In!

  1. reading this gave me flashbacks of when we first moved into our house! And every time our plumber or electrician was supposed to show up! You do get used to the cold showers, though 🙂

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