The Kitchen

We always knew the kitchen would be our favorite room.  From the moment we decided to buy the house we planned windows and doors across the back leading onto a small deck.  It was going to be light and airy.  It was going to have good appliances, lots of cabinet space and an island with enough room for two people to work in at the same time.  As the renovation dragged on and our spirits were down we clung to the idea of our kitchen to get us through.  It did not disappoint.  It is perfect, or it will be.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a struggle.  It always is.  For instance, when the cabinet designer ordered the cabinets she put in measurements for the built-in refrigerator, they were down to the millimeter.  This meant that when we pushed the fridge into place (and by we I mean my husband and I, not the contractors–don’t ask) the plug was in the way.  For built-ins the plug needs to go on the upper right hand of the wall so it had to be moved.  Then the height and balance of the fridge had to be adjusted so it aligned just right with the cabinets.

fridge outThen while we were shimmying it in one of the wheel pieces broke.  It was still under warranty (story of the appliances to come) so we called Sub-Zero and described the broken piece and they said they would over night us the parts.  We also called their local service specialist who sent out two guys to look at it, then they said they need to order parts which would take up to 10 days and then we’d have to schedule the guys to come back.  We told them we had the parts on the way but nope they needed their parts.  So we did what any desperate renovators who need a kitchen and are extremely handy would do–fixed it ourselves.  Well, my husband.  He got three cheers from the peanut gallery when he was done.

fridgeWe finally were able to get the fridge far back enough with minimal damage to the wood floors.  It is seriously an exact fit.  The cabinet door on the right has about 2 millimeters of space for it to clear.

The counters went in effortlessly.  Thank you, Empire Cabinet & Marble.  We were able to pick out our own slab.  They called us to tell us that they received five very nice white carrera marble slabs and that we should come ASAP to pick one.  It was the easiest choice we made in the whole project.  We liked the big veins in the first slab we saw.  They came out to measure and our counters cut in three days.  Everything correct.  Easy Peasy.  Great service (ask for Anna).


Ta da!  We still have to tile the back splash and install the under cabinet lights.  The deck is still unfinished but the kitchen is completely usable.  There are of course flaws but ones that we can live with.  We will post complete befores and afters with details later when we have unpacked and all the fixtures are completely in.


Next up, the back patio that has to be dug up and repaved (not in the original bid and sprung on us mid-project).  Also, all the high tank, aka old-timey, toilet saga.  I knew that thing was going to be a pain in the…

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