Treasures and Tribulations

If you are lucky, your new-old row house will have some treasures in it–in the form of original details from a bygone era.  Unfortunately, some of those eras will include the 60’s and 70’s and it will be more of a tribulation to get rid of those particular details.

Treasure – pocket doors

Tribulation – 1950’s addition

This 7×7 extension contains 2 bathrooms. It appears there were no bathrooms inside the home before it’s construction in the 50′s.

Treasure – art deco tin ceiling in kitchen

Tribulation – layers of linoleum

What looks like wood floor here is really the third layer of linoleum.  All that chipped paint is probably filled with lead.  Let’s hope there is a treasure under all that.

Treasure – upstairs fireplace

None of the three fireplaces are currently working and they all look to be originally coal burning. The plan is to convert them all to wood burning.

Treasure – original wooden shutters

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