The Garden Floor Plans: the fun part

We are finally at the fun stage of the process–choosing a design scheme.   Our architect, earning his fee, provided us with three design schemes that included some options that we hadn’t thought of.  Feel free to view the plans and give us your opinion about which one you think we should choose (not that we will listen to you).

For the garden floor, where we are putting our bedrooms, we have a number of options to choose from.  The first has one large bathroom with a tub, shower and possibly even two sinks (our dream).  The TV room/office/guest room (labeled as the junior room) is adjoined to our bedroom with pocket or sliding doors so light and can filter into the room.  This option gives optimum space for both main bedrooms.  The down side to this scheme is that we have to walk down to the end of the hall to go to the loo at night.  Our guests are only separated from us by a sliding door.  If we have some snorers on our hands (you know who you are) this could end up being annoying.

The second scheme gives us two bathrooms and a walk-in-closet.  We also get a linen closed.  If you are an urban dweller, and especially in New York City, a linen closet is a dream come true.  I am so tired of jamming my sheets and towels into my bedroom closet–taking precious space from clothes.  This option includes a master bath.

The cons:  The guest room gets smaller with this scenario and has two doors to it, which are a bit awkward for arranging furniture.  Our master bedroom also gets much smaller to accommodate the depth of the second bathroom, which is not very masterly, and the closet.  With two bathrooms, both end up becoming small.  We wanted our bedroom to have a sense of space.  In our current bedroom, every time I pass the bottom of our bed I hit our wall mounted TV.  Is it worth having a walk-in closet?

The third scheme provides for two bathrooms but no walk-in closet.  The guest room is sandwiched between the bathrooms.  In the previous plans, this room had a door that opened onto the master bedroom.  You can’t see it here but the bedroom will have double doors opening on to the garden with large side windows to allow for maximum light to enter the room.  We wanted this because the back of the house gets no direct sunlight.  The plan was to have pocket doors open up onto our room to let that room get light from the garden doors.

The pros:  We both get a bathroom and it doesn’t cut into the junior room or our bedrooms too much.  Our master bedroom stays pretty big and we still have a large long closet.

The cons:  The junior/laundry/storage room won’t get any natural light.  With an extra bathroom, it also gets smaller.  An extra bathroom will cost more with the extra plumbing, fixtures and tiling.

Our questions:  Does our daughter, aged 8, really need her own bathroom?  Do two small bathrooms work out better than one big dream bathroom?


6 thoughts on “The Garden Floor Plans: the fun part

  1. Drew and Angela–I say go with plan 3……’s a question of whether Trin needs her own bathroom, but that you won’t be sharing one with HER.

    kudos to you for trying this………..hope to come see in person some day!
    Aunt Jody

  2. I’m a fan of option 2. Having a child of my own, I recommend having your own bathroom. I am also a fan of the walk in closet. I love mine and would never buy a house without one. I would give up the space in my bedroom for it without a second thought. How often do you have guests? If it is a lot then I would consider option 3.

  3. We’re most likely going to settle on a modified version of #3. I really want a large master bedroom with minimal furniture. With this design we’ll put all our clothing and stuff in a huge closet and we’ll just have a bed with 2 end tables in the room. The south exterior will will also have many more windows than are shown here so there will be lots of light.

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