And the winner is …

For the garden floor, out of the design options presented to us, we chose  number three with modifications to include a few elements from the other designs.  The most important component that factored into our decision was the need for a reasonable amount of space in the bedrooms, while maintaining a decent amount of closet floor

We were also seduced by the idea of our own bathroom.  What had we been thinking?  Considering how long it takes our eight year-old to get ready for school now, just imagine what it will be like when she is actually allowed to wear the make-up she tries to sneak on.

The changes to the original design option three also included the moving of the laundry closet to make room for a larger master bathroom (although it still won’t be overly large).  About a foot (or .3048m) was taken from the master bedroom area as well so that the spare room could be lengthened while still allowing for a standard five foot tub.  The second bathroom was reduced in size (since it will have only a shower) in order give an extra foot or so back to the second bedroom.  The architect was also able to give us our linen closet.  It is the little things that make you happy.


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