The Renovation Kitchen Blues

This weekend we went to the house as we do every weekend to check out the work that was completed in the previous week.

The plumber finally came this week after many false promises.  We were so excited to see that the plumbing for the small bathroom, the pot filler and the backyard hose faucet was complete.

We are just waiting for the back windows and doors from Marvin, which are due to arrive this Friday.  They have completed closing up most of the kitchen walls and it is really coming together.

kitchen interior

Then we went to the third floor.  A while back, if you recall, there was a new structural plan created because our party walls are only a couple of bricks thick.  The new plan called for a steel channel to stretch the width of the room.  To install this they had to cut into the ceiling (thank goodness we did not install the new floors up on the third floor as planned).

While we were up there we noticed the radiators in the middle of the floor and we were thinking that we needed to put them back only to realize that during demolition they removed all the pipes that serviced these radiators during demolition but did not restore them and, as far as we know, did not have a plan to restore them based on the fact that they closed up most of the kitchen walls.

View from the kitchen extension on the parlor floor up to the third floor.

View from the kitchen extension on the parlor floor up to the third floor. No pipes!

Lesson 157, make sure your contractor has a plumbing plan that you have reviewed and approved so you know where all the plumbing is going to be located or relocated.  We are pretty sure our contractor totally forgot about this but we will see what he says.  In the end, all that great progress in the kitchen will probably need to be cut into or removed.  We also figure we are going to end up with an exposed heating pipe somewhere that we had not anticipated in our design plan.  Just another day in paradise.


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