About a week ago a new project manager was assigned to our renovation.  This guy gave us hope that things were really going to move along and that our target move-in date of June 29th (this is the date we told them we were moving in whether it was finished or not) was going to happen.

The back doors were supposed to be delivered this Friday.  They needed to install these doors in order to finish the last of the exterior work on the extension and complete the rest of the finishing work in the interior.  So far nothing has been done or delivered when it was supposed to be on this project so we had little hope of the doors arriving on time.  You can imagine our delight when my husband went over this weekend and saw the first floor doors were installed!  We were so happy….

garden floor doors

photo 1 (4)

for about 5 minutes, and then he noticed that they did not look quite right.  Something was off.  He opened them and stepped outside.  THEY WERE NOT THE DOORS WE ORDERED.

We ordered doors that were black metal clad on the outside and white on the inside with oil rubbed bronze hardware.  These doors were white on the outside, unfinished on inside with brushed metal hardware.  Expletive, expletive, expletive!!!  These doors took 8 weeks to deliver.  How were we going to wait another 8 weeks for new doors?  To add to the torture, there is nothing we can do about it before Monday morning when the window distributor opens, which was probably lucky for the contractor because I for one was fit to be tied.

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