An Epic Week at Brownstone Cyclone – some up some down

Some Up

About 70% of our new wood floors from PC Hardwood Floors were installed.

IMG_9335 (1)

Australian Cypress

The interior doors arrived and were installed.


The exterior doors arrived and they are the correct doors!  They installed the parlor doors on Friday and they look great. We had no idea there would be any direct sunlight in the back of the house.  The old extension used to protrude and block out the light coming into this room.   Is my husband so excited he’s doing the robot dance?

parlor doors back

The bathroom tiles in the master bath were redone and are now straight and the angry inch gone.

tiles fix master

The glass shower doors arrived today and will hopefully get installed later this week.  The toilet was also installed but we noticed it is a bit crooked.  We are debating taping it up so the crew cannot doo doo in it.  There is one upstairs on the third floor for them.


The sides of the extension were stuccoed and that means we should not need to go on our neighbor’s property again.

Our front windows (from S & E Building Supplies) arrived and were installed (by Design Tech).  They did a great job and they look fantastic.

windows in progresswindows finished

Nevermind the ugly white windows above.  We can’t afford to replace them yet.  Sorry future tenant.  We will get them eventually.

windows inside

Some Down

There is still a leak through our ceiling that is preventing them from  re-dry walling the ceiling in the kitchen and master bedroom, which in turn is preventing them being able to finish the floors and do all the other finishing work.  Apparently, the leak is due to the metal channel that ran the width of the building and is protruding too far out and needs to be cut.  We don’t have the whole story on this so more to come.  We may have exchanged one angry inch for another.

channel leak

Mold from repeated rain.

Mold from repeated rain.

Next, the master bathroom interior door is the wrong door.  We ordered doors with ovolo sticking on them and this door is shaker style.  We are waiting to hear what will be done with that since they really should have confirmed the order before installing or asked us to.  Wrong orders seems to be par for the course in Brooklyn construction.  You really need to inspect your orders.


Still to Accomplish in Next 10 days

  • Install brick to exterior in back
  • Install roof vents for kitchen and bathroom fans
  • Install exterior window and doors in master bedroom
  • Install floors in master bedroom and kitchen
  • Install toilets and sinks in powder room, small bathroom, and sink in master bath
  • Fix tile in small bathroom
  • Install glass shower doors
  • Install kitchen cabinets, island, counter tops, fridge and stove
  • Install baseboard, casings, crown moldings and ceiling medallions
  • Install deck tiles, railings and stairway (not until after we move in)

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