Another Banner Week: brick installation; hardwood floors; kitchen cabinets start

Early this week our windows were installed and we’re very happy with the results. Unfortunately, not much was done after this but then it kicked back into gear later in the week. 

At the week’s end, I went over to work on framing the closet and kitchen walls in the rental apartment. To my surprise there were about 12 guys at the house working on brick for the back of the building and installing the kitchen’s hardwood floors.



I went about my day working upstairs and talked with the guys a few times and even borrowed some tools. By the end for the day the floor was in for the entire kitchen and most of the brick was up in the back.


The next day, I get a voice mail from my neighbor complaining that the guys are back working again and he can’t have a BBQ he planned because they have a tarp in his backyard (to catch any falling debris). His loss but our gain. The same mason crew was back and finished all the brick.

Inside a pair of guys got started on the kitchen cabinets.


If this week continues like last week we might be moving in soon!


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