Part two: Installing a Media Room

While waiting for the cabinets to arrive we prepared all the wiring for the TV and surround speakers and plumbing for the kitty litter (we’ll explain later).


We were already ahead of the game because we had the plumbing and the cable wires already installed, we just needed extra outlets.

We wanted to make sure there were enough outlets for the appliances, tv, printer and our new Xbox (it’s been a long time coming).  We also needed to make sure that we had the proper wiring for the surround sound speakers.  Before the walls went up we made sure we installed wiring already before the contractors put the drywall up so that when the time came we had options about where we wanted outlets and cable wiring.

Our first step in cabinet installation was to lay down a raised foundation to be the base of the cabinets.



The electric washer and dryer were too large for standard cabinet sizes so we ordered custom doors and had to create a cabinet box for them with no back.  So that the cabinet would not move and warp we put in a bar to keep the false cabinet stable.  We chose electric appliances because they are smaller than those sets with a gas dryer.




flushable kitty litter

You can’t see it here but we also cut extra holes in the side of the cabinet to accommodate the plumbing pipes that would attach to the water pipes for the washer and dryer for our flushable kitty litter.


Next, we had to lay a strong base for the top cabinets to rest on because drywall is not strong enough to support the cabinets.



Who can spot the mistake? We hadn’t planned on this set up before we installed the ceiling lights – they are a little close to the cabinet than we’d have liked but c’est la vie.


Once all the top cabinets were in place we created a support for the TV panel.  Our cabinets are very deep to accommodate the washer and dryer.  We did not want deep bottom cabinets and shallow top cabinets so we chose all deep cabinets for extra storage. Basically, we were creating a false back for the TV so the cabinets would appear uniform.

Once that was ready, we cut all the holes and installed all the electrical outlets and


The whole layout with all our hookups but there are still a lot of empty cupboards for storage left.


You can see the Cat Genie in the center cabinet here. It works really great by scooping the solids and sending them through the drain pipe and sending water through the other pipe to rinse and clean the bowl that contains washable litter pellets.  Every once in a while you need to spray some bleach during the wash cycle to keep it smelling clean.


We did not want any unsightly wires leading to the TV so we installed outlets on the panel and the support to hold the TV.


We’d already installed the speakers (see white speaker in corner) in the wall and hooked them up.


The finished product, complete with the hole for the cat litter.