The bid documents will be sent out next week to five contractors to bid on renovating the first two floors and building the extension.  Our expeditor has an appointment with the DOB next week to discuss the initial objections to our plans.  Fingers crossed that there will not be too many more objections.

So we are moving along with the rental unit and going back and forth on whether we should live in the apartment during the construction on the first two floors.  We are in contract on our apartment so we will be homeless in about two months.

We are debating with our contractor (who will bid for the bigger job) whether the wood floors can be saved or whether we should just put in new flooring.  He seems to think they can’t be saved.  We are going to get a second opinion before going ahead.

If you recall, the ceiling in the rental unit was plaster with nice crown molding.  It was not water damaged but was cracked and chipped.  Our contractor’s guys repaired it this week and we got to see the process.

1.  They scraped off all the loose and chipped paint.

2. They applied this liquid lath product that bounds wet plaster. Buy Larsen Plaster-Weld Bonding Agent Quart by Larsen here.

3.  Then they plastered over it to smooth the finish.

Now it is all ready to be painted after all the walls are patched and plastered.

*Update 2018, the plaster is still holding good, a few hairline type cracks but overall it worked great.