6 Tips for Contractors


To All Contractors Everywhere:

1.       If you make a mess, clean it up.  If you leave drywall dust, electrical wires or little metal fastenings, pick them up after you are done.  I am not your maid.

2.       If a new appliance, cabinet or fixture has protective plastic on it.  Leave it.  It is not up to you to remove.  You may want the Ahhh effect of the owner who sees a room complete but if they are unhappy with something and you have to do more work, they won’t be happy when their tub is scratched.

3.       Provide you and your workers (in a full reno) with toilet paper and cleaning supplies unless the contract specifies that these things will be provided for you.

4.       Don’t use the owner’s tools, ladders or supplies.  The contract assumes that you will provide these things for you and your workers.

5.       Don’t smoke in my home.  It may not be a home yet but it is not allowed by me or by the DOB.  If you do, don’t be stupid enough to leave butts around or better yet set the architectural plans on fire.

6.       MOST IMPORTANT:  throw your trash in the garbage.  I know you like a Red Bull or a big can of ice tea in the middle of the day but I don’t want your cans and pizza boxes hanging around at the end of the day to attract bugs and rodents.  You’ve helped yourself to my box of contractor bags, use them.